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Specializing in Litigation & Dispute Resolution




In today’s business arena, disputes are unavoidable. One will need lawyers who will advice one's suitably to protect one's commercial interest. We work towards securing client's objectives in a cost effective and time efficient manner.  Our strategy is specifically tailored to meet client's business interest. 


Our practice enables us to provide comprehensive representation to companies and promoters before all authorities including the NCLT. We provide service with matters related to the entire chain, from initiation of insolvency proceedings to conclusion of the process, assisted by an efficient network of auditors and company secretaries.


Virtually, any civil / commercial dispute emerging out of a contract/agreement can be resolved by alternate dispute resolution mechanism such as Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation.

Arbitration, as a mode of alternate dispute resolution, to conventional litigation is already an established mode of resolving commercial disputes. Reduced time frame and relaxed legal procedures are attractive propositions in commercial disputes where Arbitration is preferred.

We have the expertise in handling all manner of Arbitration disputes relating to Construction, Civil Disputes, Commercial payment related disputes. Our deep knowledge of procedures and nimble manner of working have ensured that clients not only get sector specific comprehensive expertise but also quick and timely disposal of disputes. 


Real Estate and Property Related disputes are inseparable from the conventional litigation that forms a major part of our practice. Be it partition suits, declaration and injunction suits, eviction cases, landlord and tenant disputes etc, Our office covers the entire range of real estate property litigation.

Real Estate Advisory and Litigation has enabled us to provide a seamless end to end handling of a client’s case providing a comprehensive range of services under one roof.


Estate Law Advisory to individuals guiding them in estate planning, drafting and execution of testamentary instruments, probate of Wills and Succession Certificates to ensure smooth transfer securities and other financial instruments.


Practice in criminal law has expanded tremendously and is no longer confined to the Indian Penal Code. Virtually every statute that contains rules and regulations of every aspect, also contains corresponding penalty causes for intentional breach/violation thereof. Penalties may range from fines or even criminal prosecution, arrest and conviction. A sound civil practice also necessitates equally comprehensive knowledge of criminal law and procedures and various prosecuting authorities.


Our practice has, since inception handled a variety of criminal cases ranging from IPC offences, Cyber Crime related offences, Corporate and Financial Fraud, Special Economic Offences and offences under various laws which apply to companies and prescribing prosecution for non-compliance.


The age of technology, of all kinds, is all-pervasive. Our practice has focused on technology related disputes advising mobile platforms, online marketing companies, handling disputes from data protection, data confidentiality, cyber crimes and other technology related disputes.

Our expertise in Intellectual Property Litigation includes Copyright Disputes, Patent and Trademarks Disputes, Confidentiality and Data Protection disputes. 



Angadi & Prasanna Advocates brings together litigators with more than decade of experience in Dispute Resolution. Our core competency is Dispute Resolution. The team is focused on providing service which is solution oriented, economical, time efficient with a strategic nous.


Dispute Resolution, specifically Litigation before various Courts presents a substantial challenge to clients who are confronted with a maze of intertwined laws, multiple courts, judicial and quasi-authorities which can be an intimidating and seemingly undecipherable challenge. Our endeavour has always been to provide assistance to effectively navigate the litigation landscape and seek solutions that are provided in law.


Too frequently clients tend to avoid approaching Courts or short-change their advantage in order to avoid delays and unnecessary expense, not to mention suffering the uncertain outcomes. Our practice has helped clients seek redressal for their dispute before Courts in a comprehensive, lawful and timebound manner. Virtually every manner of dispute can be settled by approaching the concerned courts, not to mention protection of one’s liberty and privacy which can only be safeguarded by Courts.


Strong fundamentals are our strength and that gives us an advantage to mould cases and reliefs for clients before different courts and over a vast expanse of laws, both procedural and substantive. We focus on solving a problem that the client faces through available means before Courts. In a nutshell, our approach is not to bombard the client to jargon-based advice, rather to simplify the solution and help him solve his problem.


Our approach towards dispute resolution is completely driven by client’s interests. We offer custom based solution to your legal issues in a quick and timely manner.

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D-03, 3rd Floor, Solus

JC Road 1st Cross

Bangalore - 560027

Ph: 9902025246


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